Why databases are king? The company with the most useful information, wins.

At Cyber Byte, we challenge the notion that databases are clunky, unfriendly labyrinths of confusing data that only an I.T. wizard can understand. Our approach to database storage and management systems is based on our goals to optimize the speed and efficiency of retrieving and using the data. Not only do we work on streamlining the storage  and retrieval of information, we design the information.

Our elegant database solutions are what set Cyber Byte above our competitors. Quality versus Quantity It’s not about how much data you own, but rather, how good it is. Data design is a core function of Cyber Byte database solutions. Our process is a series of examinations that reimagine the data and its usefulness. This evolution of the data helps to expose the best options available for collecting and storing the information. Based on this process, the client’s entire approach to building a database is reinvented, shifting it away from a mundane data-capture process that is difficult to apply in a business context, to usable, valuable, easy-to-interpret information.

This information can be applied to help clients increase profit margins and implement more effective business practices. More uses for your data Data mining and integration for third-parties. We believe that sometimes our clients’ data is as useful to them as it is to someone else, or the other way around – our clients need to make use of third-party data. Cyber Byte utilises an E.T.L. (extract, transform, load) methodology. Cyber Byte’s E.T.L., developed over the last ten years, has become a hallmark of our database solutions packages. We employ our data design approach which allows us to extract only meaningful data, then, manipulate and populate the receiving database in a manner that requires little, to no, third-party intervention, or additional resources.

Solving the problem of data transfer Significant savings on database migration. Many clients can outgrow their business systems when their businesses expand. A typical scenario involves growth that adds size and complexity to the business’s information needs that old systems cannot cope with.

As the systems age and struggle to manage the business’s expansion, database problems become more frequent and severe. The obvious solution, in this case, is to develop a new system. This usually involves someone doing hours and hours of data capture from the old system into the new system – a sometimes difficult and painful task. At Cyber Byte we are pleased to say we have solved the headache of data migration. Our data migration tools have been in use for years already.

We offer clients the ease of being able to push a button and our database solutions get to work for them, automatically migrating all their old system’s data into a new database, in the new, easy-to-use format.

Without the pain of needing to use massive drives to capture data, or wasting valuable time to check the new system for errors, we know our clients are happy with what we offer them as a database migration service.