Made to think differently

Humble origins and massive aspirations.

Cyber Byte was started many years ago, by owner and director Gregory Lawson, with one singular vision in mind.  This vision became the cornerstone philosophy that he has spent the last ten years perfecting with the help of his team.

Cyber Byte’s Vision: To provide the simplest solution to the most complex problems.

This core belief has led Gregory and his team to become sought after when it comes to finding solutions to problems most other services providers choose not to even acknowledge; let alone try and solve. The belief that complex problems can have simple solutions was instilled in Gregory from a young age and is the same principle and desire that he seeks in prospects when adding new members to his team.

Cyber Byte was founded with the view of being the largest specialized solutions provider in sub-Saharan Africa. Cyber Byte is specialized in three core strengths:

– Finding actionable solutions
– Setting technology trends

Finding and employing state-of-the-art, leading-edge technologies in our client solutions.All of this allows Cyber Byte to keep our clients ahead of the curve and competitive in their market place.

Why do we exist?
Innovation is key.

At Cyber Byte, we believe in changing the world through technology that will benefit humanity. Technology should not become a burden to use and maintain. This core belief allows us to approach tasks with a unique perspective . We employ innovative, alternative methodologies and problem-solving skills that would be considered too far-fetched to be effective by other service providers. This sets Cyber Byte apart from our competitors. We are not constrained by conventional thinking. We allow our problem-solvers to use a skill that is millions of years old – Imagination!

It is through our belief that imaginative solutions can solve our clients problems that we are able to achieve the task of providing a premier, innovative solution. We employ cutting-edge technology to achieve the desired outcome; often in a manner that is both ingenious and simple. The benefits are tailored, cost-effective and well-developed services and products delivered to our clients.