Managed Mobile Connectivity that’s secure
Secure information flow and data security is the new norm. Innovation is one of our driving beliefs and core values. We believe our clients’ data should be protected and kept safe from the prying eyes of their competitors as well as potential hackers and data-break specialists. Cyber Byte has invested in its own secure Mobile APN network. This network compliments our already specialized digital security practices,  methodology and software packages. With this umbrella approach to data security, we are able to keep our clients’ data transmissions safe and secure.

Curb high data usage costs and manage mobile devices better
We give our clients the control back. Apart from the obvious security that our APN users will enjoy on their devices, other benefits are the ability to control and meter data usage for each connected device. This means that run-away costs for massive amounts of data usage can become a thing of the past. Users will be able to define data usage patterns, weeding out unwanted habits while enjoying greater control from a customized dashboard. The simple-to-use dashboard will give the client a bird’s-eye-view of all devices and the current status of each one.

Managed Services across the board
We want to give our clients the best, so, we found the best.
We know we cannot be mavericks at everything, so, we sought out the right people to implement bespoke tailored security for our clients. This extends beyond a client’s mobile devices to their digital security and hardware. By managing the services optimally,  clients can reduce the risk of data breaches, brute-force attacks, malware and ransomware attacks. Delivering the right approach to each client is a passion of ours, and even though we may use external services providers to create some of our solutions, our clients can be assured we’ll oversee and approve each part of the process.