Professional software development gives you an edge If it’s flexibility and customisation you need, we offer you both and more.

At Cyber Byte, we understand that our clients want to successfully manage their businesses and processes with systems that conform to their needs and the needs of their marketplace.

We strive for excellence in the creation of new software packages.

Cyber Byte is capable of building flexible, robust, custom software solutions that free our clients from the constraints of industry standards, elevating them above their competition. Software development is an organic process Software has a life too. We believe that software grows like a living organism – organically. This innovative thinking places Cyber Byte in a niche that uniquely considers the software organism when designing systems.

Our fully integrated software systems allow the code base to be in symbiosis with the client base. Together, they expand and grow in ways that support the client’s business evolution. This organic approach to software design opens up the possibility of implementing multi-tier integrated systems that allow impressive customisation and ease of use. There is no ‘set menu’ here Every company is different. Every software solution should be too. Every software package we do is unique because every one of our clients is unique.

We do not apply a one-size-fits-all strategy. It is our belief that each function and feature has to be designed with the customer, and the customer’s requirements in mind. This sets us apart from other development houses because we are leaders in manifesting solutions to seemingly impossible problems.

This drive to solve complex problems is what sets us apart. With a depth of talent and an innate desire to think differently, we’ve been privileged to work on, and design, elaborate and industry-challenging software packages and programs that our clients have reaped the benefits of. This would not have been possible if we’d stuck to a ‘set menu’ formula for software development and design.