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Cyber Byte strives to challenge the status quo. We believe in adopting a holistic approach to solving our clients’ technology problems and challenges. There is no project too big or too small that we will not approach with enthusiasm and dedication. Every client is an important client. Every APP we build challenges us to think and look at the end product from the inside out. This allows us to design and code faster, better apps that are easy to operate. Let us design and build a product that you will be proud to present to your customers to use. Web technologies are still leading the way in today’s marketplace. This allows us to push the envelope of what is actually possible. Our philosophy of challenging the possible helps us create better looking, more intuitive, functional web designs and sites. Data security and privacy is a driving force we value, with the purpose of ensuring the integrity of our clients’ data. Our dedication to protecting our clients’ data has led us to acquire our own secure data-driven APN. This technology ensures our clients’ information and connectivity are managed in a safe, secure and controlled environment.


We enable clients to create a wholistic connected environment between multiple systems and devices by providing bespoke software and app development as well as secure connectivity.


We meet and define a full project scope with the client.

We then design and create a working wireframe app the client can install on android with dummy data.

We then meet and refine the design and requirements

We then build the app backend and functionality according to the screen designs

Extensive testing is then done with the client on a POC environment internally and then with a small select group of BETA testers

Deployment to Android and Apple Apps stores is done on behalf of the customers. All certificates are created and moderated and all store specific protocols are adhered to

Everything we do is driven by a desire to continue to improve our business capabilities as well as those of our clients. It is our vision that all our efforts make our world a better place. We strive with every thought, every action, every decision to succeed at this vision. It is at the very core of how we work and why we do what we do. All of our clients matter to us, irrespective of their size. We achieve a high level of service excellence by immersing ourselves in our clients’ fields of operation. Our methodology is three-fold: we investigate their current technology problems; we uncover a path to the simplest solutions to their most complex scenarios and problems; and, upon our recommendations, we work with them to develop and implement a set of innovative, simple solutions that will propel them forward. Our approach is to provide a full spectrum of services that fit together, forming a seamless, integral part of our clients’ organisations.



The NXT Level App is the next step in the security and home automation revolution. When used in conjunction with the communicator devices basic alarm control as well as automation of electric fences, pool pumps gate motors and so much more is possible.

Simple and effective the app works real time with your devices and the push notifications will let you know when a trigger or controller have been activated or deactivate. Alarm push messaging is also available via the app

1.Multi alarm integration, Texecom, Paradox, IDS, Orisec. NXT Blue, Key Switch

2. Alarm control, ARM, DISARM, STAY ARM, Zone Bypass and Unbypass

3. Short Message Push Notifications

4. System Online Offline Status

5. Enhanced communications layers for better accuracy, speed and less data transfer required.

6. Full Control over NXT Fox GPR Devices wired Input and Output

7. System and battery status as well as AC failed.

8. Built in Remote panic facility sending to multiple linked devices and control room.

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